The influence of celtic traditions in today's USA

Image The influence of celtic traditions in today's USA

The United States remains the number one in the context of innovation or rather economic development. One might think that their habits, their ways of being and living are so different from others.

That's why they are always ahead. Nevertheless, there are aspects that were inherited or that are the result of the influence of other traditions in this country. Moreover, Celtic traditions have an important influence on the United States today, influence that can be seen through different aspects and which are worth seeing.

Celtic culture and current American culture

Celtic culture is represented in various forms. In relation to the way of life, the beliefs, the rites and the customs, their cultures were based on the freedom to think and to hope, think differently. In comparison to some points about American culture, we can see some similarities such as: ­

  • Burial: this is among the cultural evolution of the Celts since before they preferred cremation. Like many Americans, when a family member has passed away, there is a ceremony to pay a last tribute to the deceased and to take refuge with the deceased. ­
  • Artistic works: Celtic sculptures often embody abstract forms, intertwined but deeply symbolic and expressive. They currently influence many American painters who offer less figurative works of art. ­
  • Marriage: There are some cultures to respect for the Celts during the marriage and parts of it still exist. For example, tying the knot or known as "handfasting", which demonstrates that the bride and groom will stay together forever. There is also the horseshoe symbol, symbol of good luck sometimes found, worn by brides or in decorations.

Celtic cooking habits close to those of Americans

The culinary habits of the Celts seem at first sight different from the Americans'. At their time, there were no food stores or supermarkets to do their shopping. Their meals depended on what nature could offer them and this is achieved by the mutual help of the whole community.

In addition, the habits of these ancestors such as drying and / or smoking meat and fish remain until today. Dry meat is what we eat today under the name “bacons”. Opting currently for organic products, most meat on sale in the United States come from something quite similar to the Celts' breeding.

Regarding the fruits, the Celts would pick them at meal times and Americans today try to consume fresh fruits from organic farming. As a last example, the Celts ate many vegetables of all kinds such as spinach and dandelion leaves that can be found now in dishes served in great restaurants in the United States.

Impacts of the influence of Celtic traditions on tourism in the United States

Due to the influence of lifestyles, daily and cultural habits of Celtic traditions, the USA has become more and more the country that receives the most tourists each year. This rise in the number of tourists contributes to the economic development of this country and allows it to stand above the crowd in these areas: ­

  • Culture, ­
  • Social, ­
  • Technology.

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