Our New Pet, Meet the Dog!

Are you considering investing in a pet? Believe it or not, but they can come with significant benefits. Not only do they provide companionship, but they can also come with a lot of unique health benefits as well. In this article, we will be going over some of the primary benefits of owning a pet.

Benefits Of having a Dog at the Studio, meet Scottie!


our terrier boxer mixScottie was a rescue who comes to us from our neighbors at pets adrift. He’s a well mannered pup with plenty of love and laughter. Here are some of the reasons why I thought we’d get a dog in the studio:

1. Reducing Stress.

One of the significant benefits of having a dog would have to be it’s unique ability to help reduce stress in your life. The simple act off stroking a pet can provide significant reductions in stress. Not only can it prove to be helpful in reducing your heart rate, but it can also effectively lower your blood pressure as well. This is the heartbeat of music and dance, so Scottie fits in nicely with our goals (although his name is Scottie, he’s actually part boxer dog breed)

2. Prevent Heart Disease.

Another health benefit that can stem from owning a pet is the ability to prevent heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among the Western world. Because of this, the reduction of this disease can be critical to maintaining proper health. Because pets can significantly reduce the amount of stress that we go through on a daily basis, it is a great way to really prevent heart disease.

3. Promote Health and Wellness.

Owning a pet requires a good amount of exercise. If you own a dog, you are going to be responsible to walk the dog everyday. Thus, it should effectively promote a good amount of health and wellness in your life and routine. Because of this, you will find little room to make excuses to not provide the necessary exercise that your pets need because they are going to be depending on you. This will end up allowing you to get more exercise into your day and help you avoid making excuses not to exercise in the first place. On top of keeping people active, got Scottie an auto dog feeder so he’ll be well fed all the time!

4. Psychological Benefits.

Another benefit that you are going to get from having a pet with you on a daily basis is psychologically. Because having a pet will allow you to have a sense of companionship, you are going to be able to really feel as though you are with someone at all times and it can help you avoid the feeling of being alone even if you are. This is a huge benefit for a lot of people that might live by themselves or be by themselves for a majority of the day.

Although it may come at a cost, it’s something that’s worth investing time in. The additional costs of pet ownership for us was getting a dog bowl, food, collar, leash, kennel and flea treatment / bathing soaps.

Overall, there are a lot of significant benefits associated with owning a pet. Not only can it provide you with significant health benefits that can really help to improve your overall health and wellness, but it can also provide you with significant mental health benefits that cannot be ignored. If you are thinking about getting a pet, you might want to consider all of the benefits above to really get a good sense as to what you can expect out of it. It is also important to choose the right kind of pet for your specific needs as well.

Dancing to Guest Piano Player from Oceanside

Lenore Johnson from Oceanside teaching students musicWe’ve been practicing dance to a host of piano concertos over the last two months, getting ready for the recital May 17th at 7pm. Invite all your friends and family to come out for this wonderful event, full of music, laughter, dancing and snacks after.

Live Performance Piano Features

We’ll be featuring the style of one of SoCal’s most sought-after piano teachers, who will be playing several of the classics including:

  • Rythim is Rythim, Strings of Life
  • Liquid, Sweet Harmony
  • Piano Dance by Gloria Cheng

Among these tunes, she’ll also be accompanying the junior musical performers who are taking local ORFF classes around the Bay Area. We’ll be featuring something from every one of our students during this evening’s activities. If you child is a dance student, please be sure to read the dress code that was sent home sometime during one of the last few lessons. If you don’t have it, please ask me when you pick your child up.

For parents of children in the 8-12 year old range, we’ve planned a special musical / dance number where the students who are dancing will be doing so to the music played by our amazing students in the same age bracket. If you want a recording, the performance will be recorded live and we’ll have DVD’s available for pre-purchase $10, $15 after the event. Getting there on time will be crucial as we will have a full house. We have about 75 chairs with standing room available for at least that many more.

Oceanside’s Premier Piano Instructor

We’re going to be blessed to have Mrs. Johnson, piano lessons Oceanside teacher joining us. She has been a mentor to me and to many others who are now involved in music in adulthood. She is a progressive, forward thinker who believes that kids need to understand how to move and feel music with their entire bodies in order to fully grasp the fullness of what it means to be a musician at any level. Her methods are among the finest in the industry as she gives music lessons, teaches piano and other instruments to students from Oceanside CA and Vista CA (San Diego’s North County) for those of you who are familiar.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime performance. There will be give-aways, door prizes and much more including a photo booth! Bring the entire family and any friends who have young children and who have expressed some interest in music! Check our schedule for all upcoming events.


Passing Music along to the Next Generation

Music is one of the primary things that defines a culture or subculture. There are all kinds of subcultures in the United States represented by a plethora of musical stylings and preferences. Consider yourself, what kind of music moves you? What gets your head bobbin’? This is probably a stereotypical thing to say, but look in the mirror. Do a lot of people who look and dress like you listen to the same kind of music? And what influences what-does music influence how you dress? Or does how you dress influence the music you listen to? And the list goes on and an regarding the kind of preferences you have.

Passing it on

students dancing in studioKids are exposed to all kinds of music and dance in their schools and with their peer groups. The secret to helping them gain an appreciation for many types of music is to expose them to not only the music but also the dance associated with the music. Most kids would probably not choose to listen to ballet music unless they first associated the beautiful body movements with the music. Then it may become something far more than just another kind of music but they may be introduced to a new culture and lifestyle. I take it very seriously when getting students in front of many kinds of artistic expression in regards to music and dance. Our studio takes pride in developing the authentic passion for the arts within people 5-18 years old. And it helps keep them out of trouble. So check out our schedule and see if there’s a time for you to come in that would make sense for you and your family!