Passing Music along to the Next Generation

Music is one of the primary things that defines a culture or subculture. There are all kinds of subcultures in the United States represented by a plethora of musical stylings and preferences. Consider yourself, what kind of music moves you? What gets your head bobbin’? This is probably a stereotypical thing to say, but look in the mirror. Do a lot of people who look and dress like you listen to the same kind of music? And what influences what-does music influence how you dress? Or does how you dress influence the music you listen to? And the list goes on and an regarding the kind of preferences you have.

Passing it on

students dancing in studioKids are exposed to all kinds of music and dance in their schools and with their peer groups. The secret to helping them gain an appreciation for many types of music is to expose them to not only the music but also the dance associated with the music. Most kids would probably not choose to listen to ballet music unless they first associated the beautiful body movements with the music. Then it may become something far more than just another kind of music but they may be introduced to a new culture and lifestyle. I take it very seriously when getting students in front of many kinds of artistic expression in regards to music and dance. Our studio takes pride in developing the authentic passion for the arts within people 5-18 years old. And it helps keep them out of trouble. So check out our schedule and see if there’s a time for you to come in that would make sense for you and your family!

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