Celtic music and its celebrations in the US

Image Celtic music and its celebrations in the US

Celtic music refers to the traditional music of the Celtic people. Traditional Celtic music has Greek and Roman sources. Modern Celtic music is from Western Europe, including Great Britain, Ireland and France.

Celtic people have Celtic traditions and culture. Celtic traditions are characterized by its music and musical instruments. Celtic music is folk music. It originates from Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Some Celtic people live in Canada and the USA. They continue to play Celtic music where they live.

Celtic music is characterized by

  •  Variations and improvisations in rhythm, in lyrics, in vocables, and with harps and bagpipes. 
  • Macaronic lyrics, with Celtic lyrics and English refrain. 
  • Parallel octaves 
  • Chordal texture is used to pronounce the fourths and the fifths 
  • Frequent inversion of chords 
  • Wide intervals in its melody and harmony 
  • Compound rhythm 
  • Musical instruments used in Celtic music, which are bagpipe, banjo, harp, dulcimer, fiddle, flute, whistles, guitar, bouzoukis, mandolin, accordion, Irish tambourine, and bodhrans or small drums.

History of Celtic music in the USA

In the USA, Celtic music derives from Irish, Scottish and Welsh music. In fact, American Celtic music dated back to the 18th century when massive immigration from Ireland took place.

The majority of Irish immigrants settled in New York. Since then, the Irish immigration to the USA has greatly affected American music, especially with the influence of Irish and Scottish Presbyters. Since the colonial era, many Presbyterian churches have been set up throughout the USA.

In fact, the first popular Celtic music performer was the Clancy brothers, in the 60s. Apart from that, the massive importation of African slaves from Africa created another blend between African American traditional music and the Celtic music.

Contemporary Celtic music in the USA

Celtic music has greatly influenced American music in many ways. In fact, its evolution can be seen through: 

  • The American country music, which is quite popular in the Louisiana, in Nashville, New Orleans. The blend between the Celtic music and Native American traditional music created the country music. 
  • Negro spirituals, which are quite popular in the southeastern parts of North America. The striking infusion between the Celtic music and the African American traditional music gave birth to the Negro spirituals. 
  • Grass root music, which is popular in other parts of the USA also took its roots from the infusion between traditional music and Celtic music.

In fact, contemporary Celtic music in the USA is characterized by unaccompanied solo vocals, special rhythms, mixed musical instruments, simple melodies, and high-pitched voice.

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