A story about Irland and the birth of the USA

Image A story about Irland and the birth of the USA

Ireland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the east of Great Britain. It is famous for being the second-largest island which belongs to the U.K. Major tourist attractions are the Cliffs of Moher, the Dublin Castle, Killarney National Park, and the Titanic Belfast. Ireland is linked to the birth of the USA.

In fact, 4.7 million people from Ireland settled in the USA between 1820 and 1975. As a result, about half of the immigrants into the United States of America originated from Ireland. Most Irish people settled in Boston, in the State of Massachusetts.

In fact, about 22.5 percent of the population in Massachusetts are of Irish descent. Other Irish people are found in large number in the states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

Here is a story about Ireland and the birth of the USA

  • Ireland was a farming country. In fact, the Irish staple food was potatoes. Every year, the crops turned out abundantly. However, from 1845 to 1850, the Irish potato crops were devastated by the fungus. 
  • Due to the poor harvest, there was a huge famine in Ireland. As a result, millions of Irish people turned out to be ill; and many of them died of starvation. 
  • At the same time, there were no jobs in Ireland. It was almost impossible to survive in the country at that time. 
  • About 500,000 Irish people fled their home country and immigrated into the United States of America. Once in America, they worked the land and could survive. Other immigrants did hard jobs to survive. 
  • Irish men in the USA built roads, irrigation canals, and railways. Irish women worked as domestic workers or servants. 
  • At this time, other Irish people still remained in Ireland. However, famine continued to strike their home country until the twentieth century. The crops were still poor, and there were not any jobs. Many more people died of hunger and diseases. As a result, the remaining disaster-stricken families decided to immigrate into the USA and joined their relatives who had fled earlier.

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